Synopsis for the Android Project – Mobile Emergency Road Assistance Tool


This is a synopsis for MCA students which will guide them in preparing a synopsis for their academic projects. 


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 Description: Owning a vehicle comes with a lot of comfort, but sometimes being a vehicle owner can be scar suddenly breaks down or refuses to start. With the help of our Mobile Emergency Road Assistance Tool, service companies find your location and reach you fast where you are. As the system is based on the GPS on your mobile, you don’t require any additional hardware to use the system. The customers will have to register for the service before they start using it.  This product has a web version as well as an app version. App version acts as the hardware as well as the interface. The web version will be used by both the companies and their customers. This product is aimed at companies like popular, indus etc which provide vehicle service along with car selling.

Technically we will cover the following areas.

  1. How to create a website using JSP and MySQL.
  2. How to create a web service which can be called from other interfacing systems and android devices.
  3. How to create an android application which can connect to a web service and update it.
  4. The android app will also cover GPS implementation.


  1. Customers will be able to register for the website. Out of Scope: Their payment for the service can not be transacted over internet. But the payment details can be tracked.
  2. Customers will be able to edit their  profile information.
  3. Company will be able to see the customer details.
  4. Company  will be able to search for a customer information.
  5. Customers will be able to download and install the android app for free.
  6. Customers will be able to contact the help desk in case of the vehicle failure. A ticket will be created upon the request.
  7. The company will be able to locate the position of the customer with the GPS in the app.
  8. There will be a company version of the app. With the help of the app, the company will be able to reach to the position of the customer.
  9. Company will be able to add new employees.
  10. Company admin can edit the details of the employees.
  11. Customer can track the status of the request for service.
  12. Company can update the status of the ticket from the customer. The statuses can be “Requested”. “Work in Progress”, “Completed”
  13. Company will be able to generate reports of the customers.
  14. Company will be able to generate reports on the tickets by the customer.
  15. Customers can track the request of their service using the website and app.
  16. Customers can view their account details and fee payment details.
  17. The website will have information about the company. Home, About US, Contact US etc.


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