Is TechnoManagement a real thing for India’s future IT endeavors?



A very valid question I suppose, right?   This particular question can be surely lingering inside the minds of almost all persons who run an IT business.  Let me tell you my piece of advice into this.  This particular question is all because of a lot of misconceptions that we Indians have carried over the years into your belief system.  Now, you might be thinking that I am wavering a straight answer for that question by saying the previous line, right?  And if you want a straight answer for this question, here it is.  It is both a yes and no.  I will tell you the reasons.


Why do we need to merge the two?  A technical guy is definitely a tech guy and a management person will always have his quality standards of management – whether it is dealing with people, finance, marketing strategies or even implementation of new IT managerial strategies.  A technical guy can definitely be very good at what he daily does – programming, seeing new possibilities of web application development, iPhone or Android application development, or even exploring new possibilities of SQL Server, .Net, Java etc. etc.  His thinking can take the quality of our lifestyle to the next level.  No, my point is not that these tech people shouldn’t graduate to the next level of management.  But, I definitely have a point here.


Because of this graduation of these bright tech guys what exactly happens is that we are losing quality manpower in the research and development arena.  Just imagine the huge possibilities of Android and iPhone application development only.  A millions of possibilities are open before us as far as web application or iPhone application is concerned.  And we definitely need inputs from these very bright, passionately technology driven engineers in our country.   For that, we need to think on terms of R&D – Research & Development.  Sadly, our country has very few good research institutes.   And the quality people with these kinds of potential in R&D from our prestigious institutes like NIT, IIT and IIM just migrate to foreign countries.  My question number two is this – how many companies in our country spend quality and quantity of their energy, time, and finance into R&D?  Just give a thought into these things.


Me and my colleagues at Baabtra would very much want to change this scenario.  Baabtra is not just another IT training company that gives training on Android, php, python, Java, .Net, etc.  We have different intentions.  In fact, we opened this programming school called Baabtra to revolutionalize the way individuals and organizations get trained.  We just hope we contribute in a positive sense with these things in our mind.

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