How to become a good software engineer? Becoming a software engineer by qualification and profession

Everyone wants to be good in what they are doing. Same is the case with Software Engineers.

In this article I am trying to answer the following questions.

  1. How to become a software engineer by qualification?
  2. How to become a software engineer by profession?
  3. How to become a good software engineer?


How to become a software engineer by qualification? 

This is a very straight forward question. All you need to do write any entrance examination and get into any college and choose Computer science or Information Technology as your stream. In this case even if you don’t get a job you can tell others that you are an engineer or software engineer. But it is universally accepted that MCA holders also claim that they are software engineer. Technically unless they are employed they can’t be called as software engineer. There are a lot of ego problems between engineering graduates and poly diploma or MCA holders. Engineers always feel that they are superior to others. But the fact is most of the things learned during engineering courses are not used directly when you work as a software engineer.


How to become a software engineer by profession? 

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Institutes like baabtra play a major role in transforming the graduates of any stream to a good software engineer.

It is a bit tough compared to the first one. By studying something you can’t become a software engineer by profession. The advantage of becoming a software engineer by profession is that you don’t have to necessarily be a BTech degree holder. All  you need to do is the following.

  1. You must be able to read articles in English and understand.
  2. You must understand the logic understood by Computer. This is very tricky to understand it. If you ask me how can I find out whether I have the logic required to become a software engineer, I should say you must try it. To some extent you can find out by solving the aptitude questions asked by major software companies. But I would suggest you must try it as you can develop it over a period of time.
  3. Patience. You can’t become a software engineer in one or two months time. You must give at least one year to become a software professional if your background is not computer science.
  4. Attitude. You must have the attitude to learn new things every day. If you are kind of a person where I will study one thing and I must be able to apply it in whatever I am doing otherwise my effort is waste, please don’t get into IT. It will be a stress for you through out your life.
All you need to do here is to do a course which will give you an opportunity in a small company. Get into a small company work there for two or three years. Put your maximum effort and become a master in that. Then you will be automatically hired  by big organization or the management will hike your salary according to your terms. Suppose if you are getting only INR 3000 and if you work according to that you will never reach a position where you will be able to demand a great salary. So initial years you must build your skills.

How to become a good software engineer? 

Let me put it straight. It is a difficult job. Becoming a software engineer by profession is a bit easy compared to this. You must be clear with the concepts. You must concentrate on the technical details of each activity. For example if someone says that you can use this particular class to achieve a particular task. You must use it so that the delivery is not effected. But you must try by yourself to understand the implementation of the class. This is your starting point. It is required irrespective of your career path. Your next step differs depending upon whether you are working in a product company or services company. If you are in a services company, you must start working on your communication skills and human relationship building. Try to get maximum visibility from the client. If you are working in a product company, you must concentrate on getting in depth knowledge of the product.

The next step is to learn the business of your customers. This should be done irrespective of whether you are in a service company or product company. With out this you can’t take your career to the next level.

I must say all these things start with hard work, attitude and dedication. One very important thing to remember is a good software engineer is never driven by technology. That is he/she will never restrict him/her self to a particular technology. They should always concentrate on solving the problems of the business.

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