How freshers should use LinkedIn or Tips for freshers to use LinkedIn

There is a lot of buzz around LinkedIn now. All HR professionals are on it for finding out experienced candidates. Nowadays freshers are also on LinkedIn to find out a job. Some of them have no clue on what and how they should be using LinkedIn. Here are some tips to use LinkedIn.

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  1.  Make your profile 100 % complete. Put whatever you achieved in your life in the profile. It can be winning prizes in dance competitions to sports. Be honest in that.
  2. Never add your friends who are looking for jobs. There is a limit for adding connections in LinkedIn. Remember it is not facebook where you add your friends and friends of friends.
  3. Connect to HR people. Usually they share their email id in the display name.
  4. Looks for groups where they discuss your skills. If you are looking for a developer job, add as much developer groups as you can. Post your views by thoroughly studying the problem. This will give you more visibility. If there are people from abroad, you might get an offer for job. Please make sure that your posts make sense.
  5. Try to connect to people in good positions. You can ask your friends or relative to get introduced to people with high profiles. When you are looking for a job, if you have shared connections, this can always help.

I am updating this blog to include another link to a question freshers asked me. What is the use of Linkedin for Freshers?

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