Effective Marketing Plan

Marketing is a philosophy where an organisation analyze the need of the society and then satisfy their needs. It is the backbone of an organization as it contributes greatly to the success of an organisation. It is not that easy to get notice your  product  by the people .   For that marketers need skills and technique in order to attract  large proportion of people to our product.

Lets look into those skills:

1. Critical thinking

Well make reasoned judgement. A marketer should have the ability to analyze the situation. While taking a decision we should ask the 6 critical questions

  • Who
  • What
  • Why
  • Where
  • When
  • How

2. Communication

Communication whether it is oral or written it should be that effective , it should attract any type of customers to fix their eye on your product.The goal of marketing is to deliver a message to  consumers  to convince them to purchase your product. To be an effective marketer, one must have a keen communication and understand how consumers are  interpreting various messages. So that you communicate according to that.

3.  Thinking outside the box

Do something different from your competitor or any other marketer is doing. and it will well reflect in your result.

4. Network

Connect with people….make contacts….learn from them ..understand from them…

5. Creativity

Creativity and imagination play an important role in Marketing. Creativity communicates personality . It differentiate your product  from the competition. You need ideas for planning so that you can present our message in the best way.

6. Update on technologies

Update with all the new technologies, you may not know the technologies which will cut down your effort. Nowadays online marketing is the best way to reach up to customers.

These are just a small portion of skill for marketing. Another best thing to boost you Marketing is to analyze the environment.

SWOT Analysis, is a brilliant tool to analysis you and your organisation and the  information from the environmental analysis will be of a great help for the marketing strategies. Through this you can analyse the strength , weakness,…where the opportunity lies and  the threat . As the term SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat.


Let me explain this with an example,

I am working in an IT  training institute. for past 5 years i am in this field. We were successful for past 4 years, but now I see a decline in my sale.. Yes, I need to change my marketing plan, So  all I could think is to analysis the environment,as we know environment is dynamic..it will change with a blink of eye…..

I want to use my strength, i want to know my weakness , Oppotunity …so that i can catch the those oppotunities and get the threat out of my way. So here i categorise.


Strength -

  • Employees – We have hardworking experienced employees.
  • Knowledge – We have all knowledge regarding the area we are training.
  • The best working environment
  • Our past achievements
  • Contacts with CXO

Weakness -

  • Price
  • Not a brand yet

Opportunity - 

  • Vacancies in companies
  • More number of Pass outs
  • growing IT industry

Threat - 

  • Competitors with more experience in this field

So yes this will give a clear idea where your company is and what to do for the next level.





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