Customer Retention


How important is customer??? That all entrepreneur knows….yes..they are the ultimate people whom we want to be merry despite whom so ever they are …. For as i know the substance of  customer….so  in crisp i call customer as solitaire.

People often confuse client with customer and customer with clients. Well i must say their are some contrast between both.


3d bussines white and red humans make a handshake Customer is a person who buys product and service according to their  wants. They are not that committed to the              company  as they come to satisfy their particular need.  We have the same customer again and again if only they  give thumbs  up for the  same product.  Again its something arduous to keep customer loyalty as it need much effort and skill to  accomplish  CUSTOMER DELIGHT.

Client is some who receives professional services.  It is all about the depth of relationship you keep with them . You can transfigure a customer to a client. If a customer is delighted with your product, He will be your client thereafter. A client will be close to you. A client is a person who ask service rather than product. He will be dependent on to your company.


When coming to grip both consumers and clients,  is really a provocation as well as a commitment.  A business can exist only when their customer and clients are happy….A business will flourish if they could make the customers  delight.  Now the companies happy-customer-emoticonwhether it is pigmy or giant. They mainly focus on customer retention. Customer retention – from the word itself we can understand its all about retaining the right customer. It starts from the  point of contact and continues till the customer have something to do with the business.

Company follows various methods to retain the customers      :

  • Understand the need of consumers
  • Build hearty relationship
  • Messages on their big days – birthday
  • Send mails or newsletter once in a week
  • Never argue
  • Get Feedback – Consider them
  • Gifts and surprises – (ohhhhhhh… i will love this)
  • Mend the complication they confront ASAP

Follow  strategy of retention.

1. Research you customer.

2. Understand why your customers are abandoning you

3. Mold the product or service based on customer feedback

4. Delight them


“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

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