Advantages of Industrial training or Importance of Industrial Training

One of the students asked me “What are the advantages of Industrial training?”. It took me 30 minutes to explain him the advantages of Industrial training or importance of Industrial training.



For the internet users, please find the main points below:



Industrial training is mandatory to bridge the gap in the academic curriculum and in the industry. This will help the students develop skills and competencies they require to become employable. This has been a practise in most of the Western countries. So when they are fresh out of the college, while joining the company they just have to learn the process followed in the company.             It provides an opportunity for students to apply theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom with practical application of knowledge required to perform a task. In the case of IT industry, the industrial training will also teach them how the environment will be when they go to work. It gives the students a feel of how their work environment will be when they join the company.  Industrial training also gives the students exposure to students on the tools used in the industry. None of the advanced tools used in the industry are part of curriculum. This will make students understand what their value addition is and what value students can give to the industry. The industrial training process will make the students job ready faster.  In the case of Knowledge Industry, the candidates must have problem solving skills. The students will get hands on how the business problems are solved by the company and how they get paid. Industrial training will also enhance the personal skills including presentation skills. Industrial training will fasten the process of transformation from a student to employee. If the student is really smart, the company may give an offer letter to the students. It also helps the students to connect between what they are doing in the college and what is there in the industry.


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