Migration process for Web application Project for a Codeigniter or PHP project and Migration Documents to be prepared

This blog explains the migration process that can be adopted to your company.






There should be 4 environments.

1. Development Environment

2. Testing Environment

3. Pre-production Environment

4. Production Environment.

For collaboration and making sure that the latest codes are migrated, we must use a version control tool. It can be Tortoise SVN or GitHub.

The developers should have a working copy in their machine. Once unit tested, it must be committed to the SVN.

In SVN the following structure should be there.

1. SQL – Under SQL there must be Tabes, Stored Procedures, Views, Functions.

2. Data Setup – This will have the SQL query for the initial data setup to be migrated.

3. Code – In the case of CodeIgniter, we will need to migrate only the code that we are changing. For example, Model, Views, Controller, Library, Asset etc.

When we need to make some changes in the production, we need to do the following.

Migration Document must be prepared. It must have the following things.

1. Changes to the production

2. Impact to the user

3. Excel sheet for the code that is getting changed. It must have different tabs Model, Views, Controller, Library etc.


A mail should be made as Release note and send to the users.

For the migration we need to the following.

1. Migrate the code from SVN to the Testing Environment

2. Complete the testing. If errors are found, fix in the SVN, update in Development and then migrate again to testing.

3. Once testing is completed, take a database back up from production and then refresh the database in the pre-production environment and the PHP codes can be migrated. Once migrated, a round of testing is done to ensure that there is no impact because of the data in the production to the code done.

4. After the testing in pre-production is successfully completed, then the migration is planned and the users are intimated about the update and then the changes are migrated.

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