Migrating a running website to another server


1. Create a hosting space and domain in the new server.

2. For testing, please point the domain in your host file to the new server. Provide the IP address of the server.


If you have accessed the website which you want to migrate from the testing machine before, then you need to flush out the DNS. Please refer below.


Step 3: By creating a new file and accessing it, make sure that you are being pointed to the right server.

Step 4: Test the application thoroughly.

Step 5: Communicate to all the stake holders about the down time.

Step 6: Once testing is successful, take a back of the database from the current running server and restore in the new server. Change the DNS. When changing the DNS, make sure to bring the site down if possible and communicate to the customers who visit. Otherwise you must have a mechanism to identify the changes in the old server and migrate it to the new server.

Step 7: Change the Maintenance Banner to the default page of the website.


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