Why should you improve your communication skills?

We all get advice to improve our communication skill. But why should we do it? When a techie is concerned, why does it become so crucial?

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If you are working in a multi national company as a developer and you want to step the ladder you must be able to communicate with others.

If you are working as a developer in a small team, and if you stay just a developer, you don’t have to worry. You can code for the module given by your module lead. But if you want to become at least a module lead, you must be able to explain your project or work to others  and for this you must have communication skills.

Another big dream of an IT engineer is to travel abroad. Again, this depends upon how well you can communicate things to your clients and how you can understand the client requirements. Some people have an in born talent to make the client happy through their ability to pleasantly communicate. Some even though they may be very good in technical matters, fail to express the ideas and irritate the clients during meetings. This costs people dearly!



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