Qualities required for a software engineer

Lot of people have many questions before they enter into the IT industry.

  1. How can I become a good software engineer?
  2. I am a Bcom graduate can I become a good software engineer?
  3. Even though I am from science background, I don’t have any knowledge in Computer. Where do I start?
  4. I am a teacher. I want to become a software professional. Will my teaching experience count?


Students' presentation at baabtra, Seminar

Students who want to enter IT industry must have presentation skills. A baabtra student giving presentation during his training.

In order to become a good software engineer, you must have the following qualities. First and most important thing is “You must be able to read and understand articles in English”. This is applicable mainly for people from India. Secondly you must have the patience to analyse situation and compare. Finally you must have good aptitude. According to me the syntax doesn’t really matter as you always have access to the internet. If you don’t know English you won’t be able to understand an article and you will end up doing trial and error with the code. The problem with the trial and error method of coding is that you will take the same time again for coding a similar thing. But if you have perfectly understood the code, then even if you had taken 10 hours to fix a problem, the next problem you can fix in 5 minutes. Here patience plays a major role. If you are not patient enough to go over and over to understand the code, you can never become a good software professional.

Your aptitude really matters. For example the business has a requirement that unauthorized persons must not access the system. Now it is the call of the software engineer to decide how to achieve the same for the business. The usual solution is to add a table with username, password and role. The login details are stored in a session variable and  a check is added in each page. If the software engineer don’t have the aptitude to reach on a solution, he/she can’t become a software engineer.

You can develop all these skill.  I will cover those things in the coming blogs.



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