Synopsis for the MCA Android Project – Android GPS based person tracking system hosted on Cloud with SaaS model using SMS gateways

The aim of the project is to make the students learn the following.


Android iPhone training
Institutes like baabtra play a major role in transforming the graduates of any stream to a software engineer.

1. How an app is created in Android?

2. How GPS is implemented in Android?

3. How to connect to a web service from Android app?

4. Basic  database design principle for a software sold in SaaS model.

5. How server side scripting is done?

6. How SMS gateways are integrated to software products?


Server Side Scripting : JSP or PHP or ASP.NET

Client Side Scripting : JavaScript

Database : SQL Server or MySQL or Oracle

SMS Gateway : baabtra uses EbenSMS gateway. It can be any SMS Gateway.


The system will help the parents track their kids when they are away from home or their vicinity.  As the service hosted over cloud  and sold as software as a service model, there is no upfront investment for the parents. They just have to pay when they use the system. The main advantage is, if they require the service only for a particular period of time, they don’t have to buy the software completely and it will minimize the running cost of using the system.


1. Android application to be installed on the mobile device of the kid or thing to be tracked. It may not be a mobile, we can install on any hardware platform where Android OS can be installed.

2. A website where the parents can come and buy the service.

3. Login to the parent to see the location where the kid or thing has moved.

4. An admin login to see how many parents have purchased the system.

5.  Reports on the payment details and the number of customers the company has.

6. An android application for the parent to see the movement of the kid.

7. An SMS module to alert the parent about unusual unexpected movement of the kid.

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