MCA – BTech project : Synopsis for Cloud based saas model customer engagement system

Synopsis for the MCA Project :

Project Topic : Cloud based saas model customer engagement system

This system will help the companies to solve the problem of  communicating with the customers. Normally communication to the customer over a  sales enquiry or service request happen over phone and that is not tracked. When the employee shift change or if the employee is on leave, it is difficult to track the conversation. In normal CRMs, there is no way the customer interactions are tracked. With the help of the proposed system, the customer engagements are tied to a sales enquiry or service request.

The design and architecture of the system is such a way that it can be hosted on cloud and the software will be sold in software as a service model. The users will access the system through web and the customers can also see the details of the service request he has created. In the case of the service request, we will be tracking the name of the customer, the product details, expected date by the customer, promised date and the actual service date. The service agent will be able to add some comments which are visible only to the service agent.

* The company staff will be able to add new customers

* The company staff will be able to create service request/Sales enquiry for a particular customer

* Once the sales enquiry/service request is created, the customer will be able to see the same after  signing to the system.

* An automatic username and password will be created to the customer and an email will be sent.


If you want to learn how to implement the system, please contact baabtra. Safer : 9895943627 or Deepu : 9446525766 or 9048871753





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