List of topics for BCA BSc computer science information technology academic projects

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All of the below topics can be implemented in any language. These projects can be done by MCA students as well.

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1. Cloud based saas Model Order Management in Retail Domain:The project is to create an online application for order management in retail enterprises. This would provide better service to their customers and a better technique to manage the orders.The proposed system is an online web application, where the customer can purchase a variety of products in different categories from their home or workplace. This application will provide a common platform for the different departments in retail enterpriseto operate. Hence it will reduce their operational costs. The Business Requirements of the project is given below. The application has the following modules, which is divided on basis of the role of users accessing the application.



  • Enroll Customer
  • Edit Profile
  • Place Order

Product Manager:-

  • Launch Product
  • Retire Product


  • Login

Use Case Model



2. Cloud based saas Model Credit Card Maintenance System for banks:The proposed system is an online card maintenance system. The system is customer focused to provide a safe and secure way for the customers to make online transactions. This system will inspire more customers to use their credit cards as they have the flexibility and advantage of secure online transaction experience.The following are the modules that need to be implemented in the Application

  • Apply for card
  • Register/Approve a card
  • View Card Details
  • Make Payment
  • Block Card
  • Unblock Card
  • Login
  • Forgot Password

Use Case Model





3. Cloud based saas Model Recruitment Management System: This system will be used to maintain the details of new aspirants  for a company.It will store all their details,schedule the interview,update the results,report generation.The user roles include Applicants,HR.

4. Cloud based saas Model Hotel Management System-   We can have to user roles admin,customers.Modules can be booking rooms,booking conference halls,booking room services,approving the booking, generating reports etc.




5. Cloud based saas Model Automation of a music store: A Music store wants to launch an online platform for its customers to buy music albums. They want the albums to be available online so that their customers who do not have the store in their location also can buy the albums. The Music store ships the albums without extra charge for shipment. The Music store would publish the album details online. The online platform should allow the user to view the details of albums available with its store. The registered customer can buy the album and the album would be shipped to him/her, on payment.


The following are the list of modules to be developed.

•             Login

•             Search Albums

•             View Shopping Cart

•             Billing

•             Add Album


The online application of the Music store is accessible to all its customers. The employees of the store alone would access the add album and add category modules.


6. Cloud based saas Model Conference room booking Application for Corporate Companies:This product provides an online conference room booking facility to all the employees. The       database will include details about conference rooms that are present. User can view the room details and request for the logistics required and book accordingly. The different modules present in the system are:

    • Add Room
    • Modify Room
    • Delete Room
    • Approve Booking
    • User
      • Book Rooms
      • Cancel Booking
      • View Booking Status



7. Cloud based saas Model Asset management system: The system is an online application where the employees of a company can register for allocation and de-allocationof assets. The user roles include asset admin, employee. The modules are:

¨       Search Asset

¨       Request For asset

¨       De-allocate Asset

¨       Approve Asset Request

¨       Report of assets

¨       Login


8. Cloud based saas Model Examination result online-Modules can be uploading result,Viewing result module,result download,register complaints etc.


9. Cloud based saas Model Library information provider-Modules can be issue of books,searching of books,reserving of books, generating reports etc.


10. Cloud based saas Model - Insurance System: The project aims at managing the insurance process for an insurance company. The roles include policy manger and the customer. The modules are given below:

¨       Customer Registration

¨       Policy Registration

¨       Policy Claim

¨       Policy Claim Approval

¨       Login

 11. Cloud based saas Model  Auto sale management System: The system is a web application where the customer can place the order for different cars in the company and get their delivery within time. The user roles include dealer and customer. The modules include :

¨       Search Car

¨       Get Quotation

¨       Place Order

¨       Check Order status

¨        Generate Quotation

¨       Approve order

¨       Login

12. Cloud based saas Model  Loan approval system-Online application for approving the loan of a bank.User roles includes customer, Manager. Modules can be Apply Loan,Register Details of the customer,Approve Loan,Close Loan,Reports of loans .


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