IEEE project topics for Computer Science Students especially MCA-BCA- BTech CS IT students!!!

Are you expecting me to provide you with some IEEE project topics which you can ask your friend in any NIT or IIT to download? Sorry. Here I am going to explain why you should not be doing IEEE projects for your Computer Science project especially MCA-BCA-B Tech CS IT students.


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Before I start the why of it, let me just explain you what is IEEE (Thanks to Wiki Pedia and IEEE site). The full form of IEEE is Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. It was formed in 1884 by a group of electrical and electronics engineers.  It was formed when a time computer science was not there. Don’t jump in to the conclusion. I didn’t mean to say that IEEE has nothing to do with computers or computer science. Ultimately computer is an electronic device and one of the best devices electronic engineering provided us.

So where is the problem when computer science engineers are asked to do an IEEE project? There is no problem. But the problem comes when we ask the students to implement the project as a part of their MCA/BCA/BTech CS IT academic projects.

The first thing students and teachers must understand is that these IEEE papers are mostly concept papers and not implemented by anyone. Now what is the problem if the students try to implement it? There is no problem. But in most of the cases the students don’t even understand what the paper is. They pick up something which they feel is very good to hear. When they tell the project name, the teacher and others should be impressed. The students feel that they can impress an interview panel giving these big names.

Reality: This is what I have learned from my interactions with the students of engineering colleges in India. The teachers (Majority of them have just completed their BTech and just to a job in a self-financing college) have no idea what the students must be doing in their project so that they can land in a job. But they have lot of pressure from the management to improve the quality. They have a vague idea that projects are important. But what kind of projects they don’t know. So if I tell the students to do an IEEE project, no one will question me. Of course everyone perceives IEEE has a premier organization and it is a fact also.

Now we come to the real question. How do we implement an IEEE project? Again teachers have no clue. Most of the students don’t even know what a class is and object in programming language. We can’t expect them to implement it. Then who will implement it? There comes the project centres. There are project centres specialized in giving the IEEE project topics implemented in programming language.  Great! Now students know an IEEE project in and out. What is wrong in it?

But in reality something else happens. The student calls up to the project centre and asks for the synopsis, project report and code. He presents it he passes the exam. Students are happy, parents are happy and teachers are also happy. The funny part is that in most of the cases the project centres don’t implement the project. They do something and tell the students that they have implemented the IEEE paper. Neither the teacher nor the students have the capacity or willingness to read the paper and evaluate whether it is implemented correctly or is it actually related to the paper. Since nobody knows about none has a problem.

What happens in the back stage?

Some of the teachers ask students to prepare their project based on IEEE papers for their own benefit. Some teachers who do PhD, they have to submit some papers. Mostly it will be an addition to the IEEE papers. So they ask all the students to read an IEEE paper and do some improvements and submit it. If any one of the students take it seriously and submits it, the teacher will submit it as their paper wherever required.

Why students are raising any voice against it? They all fear their teachers. Ultimately if the teacher wishes, it is very easy for a student to get a back paper.

Students studying for MCA-BCA- BTech CS-IT must understand that only 2 % (May be less) of the graduates go for research. 98 % of you need a job. So do what is done in the industry. That will make a good project. Do it by yourself. It will have a lot more weightage during your technical interview rather than telling some big names which even you don’t understand properly.

There is one more argument by the teachers that no one should repeat the project their seniors have done. That is also stupidity. If everyone is doing new things in the industry, there won’t be any value for experience. There are no new problems which are created every day in the real life. We are not adding domains every day. Also unluckily most of us are not inventors. I urge everyone to do the same project and the teachers must be able to evaluate how much the students have done by himself or herself. Just because it is different from others don’t mean that he/she cannot copy from someone else. As long as the students have money, they can get new projects done by others.  One of the students  from baabtra told me that his friend has got a nice project from a project centre. Then I told him “Go and show iPhone” tell that you have done it. When you have to submit a project which is done by others, why not submit a good one?



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