Joining a product company or service based company in IT/Software industry – Preparing for campus interview

This blog  addresses the following questions for the college going/job seekers in the IT/Software industry or IT/Software jobs. It is a must read for students who are preparing for their campus interview or planning for a better a career in the IT industry.

Questions that come to your mind:

1. I read in newspapers that some BTech holder in IIT or NIT gets a starting package of 25 Lakhs (2500 thousand rupees)/year INRwhere as most of the other B Tech holders who have the same degree gets only 2.5 Lakhs (250 thousand rupees)/annum . Why someone is getting 10 times than the person with the same degree?

2. Me and my friend started with the same salary of 2.5 Lakhs  (250 thousand rupees)and after 6 years, he is getting 16 Lakhs (1600 thousand) or 25 Lakhs (2500 thousand) /annum and I am getting only 8 Lakhs (800 thousand) /Annum. Where did I go wrong in my career planning?

In order to answer the first question, I conducted a survey among the college going students. Interestingly most of the students thought that the IIT/NIT students are very brilliant. Then why not everyone in NIT /IIT is not getting such a big package? There are toppers in NIT or IIT who gets only 5 to 8 Lakhs(500 thousand to 800 thousand)/Annum salary in their first placement.

The whole problem starts with your understanding of the IT industry. In IT industry, it is not your degree, it is not your institution(I agree that Amazon or Google will not visit your campus if you are not from IIT  or NIT but you can start in a product company and later migrate to Google/Amazon or Apple) that matters. It is the skill that you possess what matters. What are the skills that I need to develop so that I can earn 250 thousand (25 Lakhs)/annum in my first salary? 250 thousand(25 Lakhs)/annum is the offer by in India for fresh graduates.

Now what I should do get a campus placement to Google/Amazon or any product company?

The career path in IT industry is given in the below blog.

As you can see most of your will be starting as programmer or a software developer. So most of the IT companies hire coding or programming for them in their fresher requirements. If it is just about coding, then again why there is a big gap in the salary.

It is very simple. If you know how to write the best codes and have the analytical capability you can get the highest package. If you are thinking you are not getting salary because you were not able to communicate well in English, wake up. For a product based it doesn’t really matter whether you are the best communicator.

Now we have narrowed down the root cause in Salary as a person who knows just coding and a person who can write good code.

Is there something called a good code? Definitely yes. How do you know that you are a good coder. It is simple. Just go to and try to solve the problems and then you will know your stuff.

The tip to get a job in a product based company like google is pretty simple. Just master in data structures and data base management system. When I say master, I don’t mean just remembering the trees, graphs, linked list etc. You should know how to process data of large volume using these algorithms and create databases where these data can be stored. Probably if you know a high level scripting language like Python and client side scripting language Javascript and some mobile technology will be an added advantage. It takes maximum an year to develop these skills. So if you are starting in your 4th semester, you can complete the whole learning by 5th semester and you can get placed in a good product company earning more than a lakh/month.

For the second question ie for those who are working, it is really tough because they are working and they get no time to think outside their work  . They can get into a product company with 6 months of consistent effort. But for them it is very difficult come out of the service mentality and think different. Mostly they will be aiming to get an onsite. The skill that you need to go onsite is communication and people management which is not engineering skills. They don’t realize that they can go onsite from product companies as well. The difference will be that you will be earning much higher when you are in India than what you are earning in the service industry and you will be doing a good quality engineering job compared to what you do in the service industry.


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