profile profile is the initial step for getting a software job. Candidates can check their competency, by creating profile. It gives the candidate, a picture of his software skills. So he/ she will be able to sharpen the required skills for industry.

Candidate who scores 70% and above will be eligible for further screening, in companies, where have recruitment partnership with. Currently has recruitment partnership with 15 companies from Kozhikode, Cochin and Trivandrum. Most of the companies in CafIT Square IT Park, Kozhikode accept profile for their initial screening.

For students:

  • profile is a certificate to showcase your technical knowledge to the company.
  • Self assessment tool – Helps to understand your technical knowledge and take further steps to tune your skills required for software  industry.
  • Replacement for resume.


  • As profile clearly shows the technical knowledge of a candidate, companies can easily map the candidate to particular job requirement.
  • Reduce burden on HR as the initial screening is done by profile


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