What is the use of Linkedin for Freshers?

I am writing this on 2nd Feb 2013. Today if you ask me as a fresher should I create a LinkedIn profile, my answer would be “Yes”. The reason is simple, anyways you are registering in many websites for a job, register in LinkedIn as well.

Will I get an immediate benefit by registering in LinkedIn or Will I get a job as a trainee by registering in LinkedIn? The chances are very less. Then why should I join?


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A very simple and straight forward reason will be “after sometime you may have to pay to join LinkedIn or connect to more than 10 people“. Earlier when I joined there were many features that were available free. Now it is paid. LinkedIn has won the battle of two sided marketing and they will stay for quite sometime now.

Other reasons are given below:

  1. Connect to people who are in the HR department of your industry. You become more visible. When they look for a senior resource, if you are found suitable with the required skills, you may get a chance for an interview.
  2. Connect to high profile people and get their reference. It is a difficult task. But if you have contacts or relatives in good position you can get it. Please note that they won’t give you just like that as it will affect their credibility. So show them what you have done, and get a reference. In IT industry, it is possible as you can go to forums and post your solutions. I am not sure about other industries. This will help when you apply for a job.

You can find out how to use Linkedin in the link below.




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