IT Education or Information Technology Education

I had gone to a college in Kerala, India for conducting a workshop on Android. During the lunch break, one of the faculty of the college started talking about the importance of IT Education in India, specifically in their college and near by areas. He kept on talking about the unawareness of the students and office staff in using computer applications or software.

What is really Information Technology Education? Is it you know how to use a word processor or an excel sheet? Is it you use internet banking to transfer the money to your friend’s account.



All these things are part of Information Technology education. That is the end result of IT Education. But that is not IT education. Let me explain with an example from automobile industry. Most of us drive car. But can you say that you know mechanical engineering or you have mechanical engineering education when you drive a car. Using a computer is also like that. The only difference is that you can use computers for anything under the sun. There is no industry in the world, which doesn’t use computers or information technology now.

When we apply technology to process the data(store, retrieve, transmit or change) especially computers and other devices, it can be called as Information Technology. So when you say that you are an IT expert or IT literate or you are IT educated, you must make sure that you should know how to design or develop systems using computers or other devices which can process data.
Normally when we do programming, what you do is information processing. So if you know how to program a computer, you can say that you are IT educated. Some people have a feeling that since they use facebook or linkedin or twitter, they know all the latest trends in IT. If you know how to use a computer software, just say that you know how to use a computer and not IT educated.
In a nutshell, you are online 12 hours a day doesn’t mean that you are an expert in IT. It just means that you love driving.

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