How to fix “Device is already in use” issue while using MBlaze USB internet modem to access internet?

Check whether you have installed Tata Photon, if yes, uninstalling Tata Photon will work.


When I was in Bangalore, my friend Azeez CT told me that his Tata Photon is really fast. So I started using his Tata Photon connection rather than using my MTS MBlaze connection. Tata Photon was fast so was MBlaze. Anyways after I returned his Tata Photon USB internet modem, when I ever connected MBlaze I was getting the error that “The device is already in use”.  For fixing the error as usual I restarted the computer, remove the USB modem and connected again, checked in Task Manager to end the process. But nothing seemed to work. Then I asked Azeez itself, any idea? He suggested me to remove Tata Photon and it worked.


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Probable root cause:

While uninstalling Tata Photon I noticed that they have used some drivers from Huawei. When I connected the MBlaze it was like a fresh driver installation. It took some to get it working and noticed the same driver was getting installed. So I feel that Huawei missed out the test case in which two different companies getting installed on the same laptop or computer. In this case I installed MBlaze and Tata Photo. I have also used Reliance connect. But it didn’t cause a problem.

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