Guidance for baabtra review

I have found the following problems while doing the review.

1. Some of the candidates are not following the naming or coding conventions. It is very important for all the students to follow the naming conventions.

2. They are using library functions which are not used. They understand library files as a part of the program.

3. They don’t have a clear idea that each line of code is an instruction to the computer.

4. They are not thinking what is this line of code doing or what is the instruction that is getting executed when this particular code is written.

What should be focused while reviewing?

1. Ask the candidates to write program in an incremental way. For example let them write a program with just main() and not doing anything.

2. Ask why the library files are exported. They should clearly tell the reason why the library files are used or exported to a program.

3. Ask them to remove the header files or libraries that they have loaded and not being used.

4. Ask them about coding standards in both the dimensions. That is if they want to represent mark, it should be named as int_mark. It should not be int_x or just x. The variable names should have a meaning.

5. Always ask why did they do it this way and not in another way.

6. Make sure that they have done exactly what is given in the question. I have noticed some students are writing codes which are not necessarily be there. We must ask them to remove all the unwanted codes. There should not be any line of code which is not required.

7. When frequently used functions like printf() or scanf() are used, please make sure that they understand what all these functions are doing.

8. Ask them about the presentation, typing speed and jobs applied. They should work daily sometime on all these things. Otherwise they will just do it before the presentation day and the quality will not be good. Give them small targets on typing speed, number of applied jobs.


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