Calicut – The changing face of calicut

Calicut City is getting ready for a major shift in the infrastructure and its human resources development. With the launch of ULCC, Kozhikode Cyber Park, HiLite Business park etc there will be a lot of requirements for the IT trained resources. baabtra with its experienced faculty and unique of mentoring candidates is getting placed in Calicut as a preferred place for learning programming. There is no other place in India which teaches from the basics of computer to the most advanced coding patterns.

People come from different parts of the world to study in baabtra. Majority of the online learners of baabtra are from United States of America and Europe. baabtra will soon be starting a big campus for candidates from America and Europe. The cost of getting trained in Calicut is very cheap for foreigners and most of them can plan for a pleasure trip along with it.

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