Survey report on students interest in Skill Development Programme

 REPORT conducted a survey in three major colleges in Kerala, regarding the need of skill development training.

These are the findings after conducting the survey.


1.      Reasons of doing degree.

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From the response given by three colleges I found that 60% of students are doing degree so that they can go for higher studies. 28% of students want government job.6% of students wants to be teacher. And rest 6% doing degree just for a good alliance.


2.      Degree alone will get a job.

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From the graph we can understand that 33% of students think degree alone will get them a job whereas 67% thinks degree alone will not help in getting a job.


3.      Would they  join for tuition to improve your marks in degree

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Here 22% of students will join tuition to improve their marks but the rest of the 78% is not interested in tuition.


4. Joining for a skill development program while doing degree.

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From the graph above we can understand that 60% of students are interested in joining skill development programme while doing degree, whereas 40% percentage of students are not interested in skill development programme.


5.      Whether the student knows any stream of engineering can get an IT job and make success.

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Here 74% of students think that any stream can get them an IT job and 26% don’t think so.


6.      Reason of not getting job after Degree

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In the above graph it’s shown that 62% of students are confident that they get job soon after their completion of course. 13% of students think the curriculum is outdated. 1% students are in the opinion that teachers are not guiding properly. And 9% students themselves thinks they are too lazy to work hard. 9% doesn’t know whether they will get job after degree. 2% doesn’t want a job. Rest of 1% don’t have money.


7.   Motivation for going higher studies.

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From the survey 49% of students wants to improve their knowledge. 31% of students would be going to higher studies because their friends are going. 15% of students are confident that they will find a job with their current knowledge and the rest 5% want fun.








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