New poster for baabte and baabtra for linkedin company Profile

Android iPhone training

Institutes like baabtra play a major role in transforming the graduates of any stream to a software engineer.









- This is not for general reading. I have created this category to explain how I am building the division baabtra and -

This is my first blog in this category. History of baabtra. I will be adding the previous steps taken by me soon to reach here. I will add the mistakes that I have done so that others can prevent it when they build their company.

I know I am too late in registering baabte and baabtra as company in LinkedIn. baabtra is the training division of baabte. In the process, I found that there are two images to be uploaded.


Now I must give the contents for the designers.


I gave the contents as below:

For baabtra,

Baabtra – Mentoring partner Logo

First Programming School in India

 Best place to look for real programmers

The last line was added by me today. This is a message to the companies who are looking for real programmers.

For baabte,

baabte logo,

Helps to reduce your effort in Customer Engagement and HR

baabte has launched a product which is a SAS based online customer engagement tool which when integrated to your site will make the site interactive. The second part HR is added as a part for the division baabtra. baabtra will be the solution for the next generation companies in India who can’t just survive with people who will copy paste the code. There is an acute shortage of people who knows real programming. baabtra is the solution by baabte to the problems. baabtra provides training to individual to become a programmer. Today during one enquiry for the course, one student asked me “Can you guarantee me a job?” I told him “Not really. But if you build skills or become employable, people will find you.”.






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