Job Ready Resources for IT (Information Technology) sector

baabtra provides Human Resources development services to companies in India and abroad. Our service starts from filtering the job applications that you get. We will take care of conducting the test and first level interview(as per your standards and questions). That way you can reduce the work of the HR department and they can concentrate on something which will add value to the current resources and the company. This service is absolutely free of cost. You just have to tell the applicant that you need to contact baabtra for the job in your company.

This will save the HR department the following things.

  1. Receive calls related to job interview. HR department will just have to give our number.
  2. Going through the resume of everyone who applied(It requires at least 5 minutes to go through a resume. So you can imagine how much time and concentration is required to go through it).
  3. Conduct test for everyone who applies for job.
  4. Conduct interviews for those who got selected. We will do the first level of interview.

For senior resources the time can be saved in the following way,

  1. Using stored procedures, view etc in database needs to be taught to the freshers. If it can be done at baabtra, it can save lot of time for the senior resources.
  2. Give basic trainings on replying to mail, providing daily status update etc.
  3. Knowledge on  frameworks (PHP, Java etc) , SVN, Timesheet etc.
  4. If you are following layered architecture for implementing the project, we can teach that as well.
  5. We also teach about deployment and coding standards(as per your standards).

The same training can be given to the freshly taken employees as well.

Other advantages:

  1. The resource will be productive for you very faster
  2. It  will save a lot of time and concentration of the senior resources. Senior resources will be more productive and happier.
  3. You don’t have to spend any money until you are satisfied with the resource.
  4. After the training, if the resource is not found good, you can ask for replacement.

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